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My studio, a place where my ideas come to life…

Artists have always tried to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to create. To truly liberate the imagination is to have space and freedom to reflect, create, and innovate, allowing your creativity to flourish.

Never was this put more to the test than during the pandemic! Artists like me, who usually maintain studios outside of our homes, were forced to improvise. We turned to desks at home, the kitchen table or – for the lucky ones – a garden shed. But what started out as something immensely frustrating quickly became a valuable lesson. Through this process, our idea of creativity evolved. Instead of relying on a special room to be the perfect place in which to produce things, we shifted to an understanding that any space can become ‘the studio,’ even if only for a short time between other uses. It was a privilege to discover all over again that all creativity needs is a tiny pocket of space in which to bloom……..

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