Craft Business Consultations For Lampshade Makers

Running a craft business is undoubtedly rewarding, yet it’s not without its challenges. Amid the day-to-day hustle, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and the strategies required to optimise your time and productivity.

Whether you’re just embarking on your craft business journey or are already navigating its waters, taking a step back to assess your business objectively can be a game-changer. This is where I step in. Through my Strategic Consultation services, I bring you a fresh perspective, a wealth of experience, and actionable insights to propel your business to new pinnacles.

Before our consultation, I’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire. This allows me to delve into the strengths, pain points, and aspirations of your business. Armed with this knowledge, our consultation becomes laser-focused and tailor-made to suit your unique needs.

In our session, I’ll be all ears, attentively listening to your ideas, challenges, and business structure. Armed with this understanding, I’ll provide actionable advice grounded in real-world experience. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to objectively scrutinise every facet of your business, identifying areas that demand attention and unveiling potential growth avenues.

But we won’t stop there. Collaboratively, we’ll formulate a strategic plan that aligns with your goals, organisational structure, and accountability measures. We’ll fine-tune your growth strategies, streamline your operations, and devise tactics to boost revenue.

Together, we’ll craft solutions that reignite your passion, reinforce your confidence, and equip you with the tools to steer your business towards success. With newfound clarity and enthusiasm, you’ll stride forward on your business journey with purpose and determination.

“My consultation call with Moji was fantastically helpful. Moji listened carefully to where I was at with my brand, ideas, and areas that I was looking for assistance in. She gave constructive and actionable feedback that was very helpful in creating steps to move forward.  Moji is a fountain of generous knowledge and makes you feel very at ease and provides a space to speak openly without judgment. I highly recommend a business call with her if you are looking for guidance and/or someone to bounce ideas around with”. Charlie E, Australia

“I recently completed Moji’s 5-Day course and added an extra day for good measure, and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to get serious about lampshade making. Having made a few lampshade in the past I was hooked but I wanted someone to help me take it further and I was so glad to have found Moji. Moji is the perfect tutor. Her patience, professionalism and encouragement the whole way has given me the confidence to move forward with improving my skills and building my business. She shared her knowledge, not just of her craft but also business skills, with generosity and enthusiasm”. Valerie P, Ireland

“I had the pleasure of spending 3 amazing days at Moji’s studio in Brighton, England. I learned how to make the gathered and pleated lampshades – it was such a wonderful experience, I did not want it to end! I wish I had booked 5 days, so I will need to return for more classes in the future. Moji is a wonderful teacher, it’s clear her skills and knowledge are honed from decades of experience. I appreciated all her business advice, she genuinely offers her wisdom to you. More than that, she is so enjoyable to spend the day with and we had a lot of fun together. I went home with 2 beautiful lampshades and I’m so excited to buy the supplies and start making more! ” Jessica S , USA

“I had a wonderful three days with Moji. She is an incredibly talented designer and teacher. I loved the experience and learnt so much. She is very kind and patient and I felt at ease from the moment I arrived. We laughed and chatted all day! She knows a lot about business and gave me great advice for the future. I am sure we will see each other again. Take care and thankyou!”. Cristina T, UK

Who can benefit from a consultation session

  • Those who’ve completed a lampshade making workshop and aspire to launch their business
  • Individuals contemplating transforming their creative skills into a business venture
  • Craft business owners seeking guidance and mentorship for their next steps
  • Creatives in need of expert advice for their ideas or ventures

Together we will…

  • Analyse your business structure and strategies
  • Create a goal-oriented plan with built-in accountability
  • Enhance your pricing, marketing, branding, and selling strategies
  • Uncover methods for locating and targeting your ideal customers
  • Discuss avenues like trade exhibitions, retail, galleries, and online platforms
  • Foster a positive mindset and develop a vision for your business
  • Renew your confidence and belief in your business

Booking Information

Consultation fee: £95 for a 1-hour video call session

Once your payment is received online, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours via email to schedule a convenient date and time for your consultation. Alternatively, reach out to us to verify availability before making your payment. Each consultation session spans 60 minutes and is preceded by a brief questionnaire that helps us prepare and maximise the effectiveness of your booked time.