Welcome to Moji Designs:

Your Path to Professional Lampshade Making, Textile Printing, and Crafting a Thriving Business

Located in picturesque East Sussex, Moji Designs invites you to embark on a transformative journey into the world of lampshade craftsmanship, textile printing and the exciting potential of launching your own lampshade making business.

Since 2008, my studio has nurtured the passion of countless individuals, paving their way towards success in the world of crafts. My courses not only offer a deep dive into lampshade making but also the exciting realm of textile printing. Through hands-on experiences, you'll gain insights into the intricate techniques needed to produce exquisite lampshades adorned with original hand-printed fabrics.

From personalised 1-2-1 sessions to tailor-made workshops, I cover a spectrum of lampshade methods, all while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to build your dream craft business. Throughout your learning experience, I am dedicated to empowering you with the insights, knowledge, and skills necessary to lay the foundation for your dream craft business. This path has been embraced by numerous students who, after embarking on their journey with me, have gone on to flourish as successful proprietors of creative enterprises.

Join me on this creative journey as I celebrate the timeless art of lampshade making and textile printing and empower you to craft a fulfilling entrepreneurial path. Let's create lampshades that tell your story, reflect your style, and brighten your space!

Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Scalloped hardback lampshade workshop with Moji Designs



With the Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Lampshade Making Business

"Moji ran an unbelievably professional and well planned course. From the moment I arrived I felt looked after and in great hands. Moji thinks of everything and supports you through the learning process whilst also giving you enough space to really know you can apply the skills yourself too. She does not compromise on quality and this shines through everything she does. The course feels personalised and lovely, she makes a fab lunch. Moji cares that when you leave that you know how to keep going with lampshade making and she gives practical resources to help with this. She's great and a fab laugh! Highly recommended!"
Vintage Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
5 Day Lampshade Masterclasss