Virtual live tuition with Moji Designs

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are now offering one-to-one virtual live lampshade making lessons including business skills live from our studio in Brighton! We’ve had many requests for live, online tuition, and we are delighted to now begin offering virtual sessions. 

In uncertain times we wanted to offer people the opportunity to learn new skills, launch their own business and discover a new earning opportunity. Remote learning has become the “new normal” for many people all over the world. It has been exciting to adapt our lampshade making courses into a format that can be offered online. Although taking a practical hands-on course may seem challenging online, please be assured that the course has been designed with great care to create a learning experience that is smoothly delivered, easy to follow, and fully supported throughout. In our studio in Brighton, we have hosted students from all over the world – but now, under pandemic conditions, we are coming to you instead! Our virtual learning is designed to work for everyone – no matter where in the world you are.

We’re delighted to offer a flexible range of virtual courses, with a choice of learning how to make one, two or three lampshades.

You could learn to make…

  • A Tailored Lampshade
  • A Gathered Lampshade
  • A Pleated Lampshade

Each course is taught in a series of four-hour sessions. 

  • One Lampshade Style: 12 Hours (3 x 4-hour online sessions) where you’ll learn one lampshade style and a choice of either a balloon or pleated lining.
  • Two Lampshade Styles: 16 Hours (4 x 4-hour online sessions) where you’ll learn two lampshade styles of your choice. You’ll also learn how to make a balloon and a pleated lining.
  • Three Lampshade Styles: 20 Hours (5 x 4-hour online sessions) where you’ll learn three lampshade styles. You’ll also learn how to make a balloon lining and two pleated linings.

All virtual sessions are individually booked and do not have fixed dates to allow maximum flexibility. You can choose the days that suit you the most. You have total flexibility over your sessions, and can book consecutive days, or book multiple sessions spread out to fit around your schedule. Please email your availability to arrange mutually convenient dates. We try to be as flexible as possible so that you can fit the sessions in with your home life and work commitments.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and creating gorgeous lampshades together! Whether you’re working on a tailored, pleated or gathered lampshade, each step will be clearly demonstrated and support and guidance offered. The virtual sessions are 4-hours each, and to reduce screen fatigue there will be a 15-minute comfort break halfway through. By the end of the course, you will have one or more beautiful lampshades ready for use! 

The sessions will feature a lot of practical work, demonstrations, advice, information sharing and recommendations. The course is structured to manage each lampshade making project within the session but as we all learn different things at different speeds and to ensure each task finishes within the allotted time, you are encouraged to carry out work before and in between sessions.

During the sessions, we’ll also talk about how to turn your new skills into a business. I’ll give you an insight into the fundamentals of running a lampshade making business. We’ll discuss anything from creating a lampshade collection, pricing your work to selling strategies.

The virtual Lampshade Making Class will take place on a live Zoom Call or preferably Microsoft Teams Meeting. Please ensure you have downloaded the program ahead of the class and familiarised yourself with it if you haven’t already! You will need a laptop as a phone screen will be too small to see the demonstrations clearly. Please make sure you join the meetings from a location where you can use a fast, reliable and preferably a wired internet connection. To ensure a smooth start to our sessions, we are happy to offer a 15-minutes free virtual meeting prior to booking. During this meeting, we’ll test your internet connection, audio and video. 

You will also need a clear space to work. A bench or table large enough to hold all your tools and equipment, a nearby power source for your sewing machine and laptop, and enough space to spread out and measure 1-2 metres of fabric. Please ensure your camera offers a good front-facing and a side view of your working space so I can give advice and suggestions as we go. 

It is your responsibility to make sure you are prepared for each session with all the tools and materials required for your lampshade project in advance. Most of it can already be found in your sewing kit! Both UK and international students will receive a list of UK suppliers where tools and materials can be purchased.

Don’t worry if some of the equipment is unfamiliar to you – we will discuss how to use it in class. Do try and ensure that your sewing machine is up and running, however, as this can be a little trickier to advise on from a distance! Please get in touch if you have any concerns in this area. 

Lastly – have fun getting prepared! I hope you enjoy choosing your fabric and picking up any extra tools you need. Make sure you come to the sessions with everything you need, water to keep hydrated, and ready to have fun! 

Please note that due to the different time zone for students abroad, our session may take place in the evening or at an unusual time of day for you. I will contact you directly to organise the best time slot for us both. Once you have booked your virtual session, you’ll receive an email of confirmation and a PDF.  This will contain information on tools and materials you’ll be needing to get prior to your lesson.

We are very excited to be able to offer you our virtual lessons but in the meanwhile please get in touch, should you have any questions or would like us to work out a bespoke course plan for your needs. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you virtually!


Booking Information

Course fee:

  • One Lampshade style: 12 Hours (3 x 4-hour virtual sessions)  £396
  • Two Lampshade styles: 16 Hours (4 x 4-hour virtual sessions) £528
  • Three Lampshade styles: 20 Hours (5 x 4-hour virtual sessions) £659

Both UK and international students will receive a list of UK suppliers where tools and materials can be purchased. Alternatively a complete lampshade kit including the frames, fabrics and tools can be purchased seperatly.

Level: Suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Book a 15-minutes free virtual meeting: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to offer a 15 minutes free virtual meeting prior to booking. This will also give us a chance to meet each other and chat about the course. During this meeting I’ll also test your internet connection, audio and video to ensure a smooth start to our sessions after booking your course.

How to pay: The “Book Now” button will redirect you to a new page where you can book your virtual sessions. Secure payment is made through PayPal or any major debit or credit cards. Once the payment is received you’ll get a confirmation email.

Book your free 15-minutes virtual meeting now!