Launching our new textile printing courses

I’m super excited to introduce you to our two new textile printing courses. Designed for students who want to combine the art of lampshade making with printmaking,, both courses were old favourites that we are thrilled to be bringing back and they are now available on our website. 

Having original ideas is essential in an oversaturated market, and textile printing can be a great way to find your edge. Making your own fabric is a great way to create completely original lampshades and set yourself apart. Our textile printing courses give you the knowledge and skills you need to make that step. This will also give you a chance to create new ideas to bring to the market, helping you stand out from others in the industry and find your unique place. 

Both of our courses will cover three main printing skills including linocut printing, Indian woodblock printing, and screen printing. The handmade lampshade masterclass will also teach you the construction of a modern or traditional lampshade. They will also cover pattern repeat techniques for yardage printing. We’ll even give you an introduction into using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and inkscape to create seamless patterns.

Once you’ve learned the textile printing craft but don’t have the facilities to print your own to start with, we’ll discuss how to order your fabrics to be printed in the UK, or even further afield like India. Learning how to create your own designs and knowing techniques like seamless pattern repeating can show you exactly what you need and it gives you a headstart when it comes to ordering it to be printed elsewhere. 

We can’t wait to open our studio doors to students, so check the course for more information and how to book!