New Vintage Lampshade Making Masterclass

Don’t we all love a good vintage lampshade? They bring back childhood memories, visits to grandma, sitting reading a story beneath the soft light. We’re so excited to tell you a bit more about our new course exploring the techniques and methods for making these fabulous shades!

The Victorians were among the first to create lampshades – and we have a lot to thank them for! When you think of a Victorian interior, you might call to mind patterns and layers, thick fabrics, embroidery and trim, in dimly lit rooms full of knick-knacks. Victorian lampshades reflected this aesthetic with their heavily ornamented fabrics and decorative edges and often produced very little light through their materials!

Over the decades, lampshades have evolved. We’ve seen elegant art deco shades and minimalist modern styles sitting side by side with the traditional and gathered lampshades of the last century. One of the great joys of 21st-century interior design is the opportunity to draw on our rich design history for inspiration and imitation. 

I was super excited to create a vintage lampshade course because I’ve loved the elegance and style of these shades for a long time. It’s been fantastic over the years to see the vintage look come back into fashion, with modern artists and makers taking the essence of this style and adapting it, adding their own modern touches and elements.  Vintage lampshade still retains its Victorian charm but can perfectly fit a modern interior. 

Everybody does vintage differently, and vintage can mean all sorts of different styles. The fun part is deciding how you’re going to add your own stamp and make it special! But no matter what style decisions you make, the techniques make it vintage. Join us on this course to learn some truly traditional skills that you can adopt into fabulous modern styles for both pendant lamps and table lamps. I’ll teach you all the techniques you need, including making a traditional pleated and balloon lining which is different to the original style! Alongside adding value to the lampshade, the lining makes it gorgeous from the inside and out. 

I’m so excited to take you into this world and create some beautiful lampshades together. For more details on the course, take a look at the page, or get in touch with any questions. I can’t wait to hear from you!