We are excited to announce that we are currently in the 
process of launching
a new website for Moji Designs.
Over the past few weeks, we have been involved with a multitude of new ideas and projects, which have been stored up our sleeves ready for the launch. With the new website we are planning to bring a range of exciting developments to our existing and new students.
There will be group workshops, lots of freebies, tutorials, eBooks, podcast, webinars
and online training.
It will take some time for all this to take place, but we are determined to make it happen and we are very excited about it.
We have already started to write our free eBook full of valuable content and useful ideas, which will be available to you to download shortly after the new website is launched.
Our aim is to make our services and workshops easier for you to use and
attend. We want you to learn a new skill and turn it to either an enjoyable
hobby or an amazing future business.
So far all our workshops have
included the inside trade secrets on how to find the right
suppliers, how to put together a collection and how to promote it. How to use Facebook, Twitter or blogging as a marketing tool. How to be focused on who your ideal customers are and where they are. How to price your handmade products so you can start selling them to the public and also to retail shops with profit. We have
talked about how to prepare yourself to take your business to the next level by attending
trade exhibitions and shows. What is involved to make it successful and not
just break-even. How to follow up leads and turn an enquiry into a sale and
plenty more information to help you get the best out of attending our
But now, our new developments enable everyone including those who can’t attend our workshops in person, to learn a new skill in the comfort of their home. Simply,
we are here to help you get what you have dreamed of doing for a long time and
that is to learn a new craft and turn it into a business which can be run even from
your kitchen table…. So YES…! We will share with you all the trade secrets on
how to start a business at home from your hobby and what it takes to make it
Thank you for bearing with us but the wait will be worth it. As a token of our
appreciation, once the launch is announced, all existing and new followers and students will get 10% discount
on all the products and workshops purchased during the first month of the
Our current website and workshops are still running as usual but keep an eye on our website for more information.
Please sign up for our
newsletter here  and we will let you know about our launch date and the new
exciting changes we are about to bring to our business, which is going to be fantastic
and very beneficial for us both.
I hope you would look at this oppotunity as an investment in yourself and your future hobby or business.

Sending you all lovely people

 lots of love from Moji Studio

Craft and business start-up workshops with Moji Salehi at Moji Designs


Moji Studio, Hove , East Sussex