Student Testimonials

Student testimonial Moji Designs
“Sweet Moji, my time with you not only met but exceeded my every expectation! The instruction was so personal. My skill for lampshade design advanced greatly with your well plan instructions. Your thoughtful teaching and business advice both encouraged and inspired me to take my vision to the next level. I am so pleased with my decision and investment of spending all this week under your instruction. You are a gracious host and peaceful teacher. Many thanks.” -M Strash

“Really enjoyed the course which contained lots of helpful and practical tips. Moji’s high standard and knowledge of design came across to me as an inspiration to carry on making my own lampshades. Moji’s home studio is beautiful and exceptionally clean and tidy. She explained everything carefully at my pace and level. All the process was clearly put across in detail. The course was more than I expected and I feel I’ve learnt so much during my time with Moji. ” -C Anscombe

“I loved all of it! I did appreciate Moji’s helpful tips about some of the details: lampshade making tools, suppliers, how to recondition frames, and so on. It was also lovely to work in her lovely home studio surrounded by beautiful things she has created.”Moji is very skilled and experienced in a wide range of arts and crafts and very generous in sharing her knowledge during the course. She has a very hands-on and relaxed approach, a good mixture of showing, telling and getting you to do the work yourself with supervision or sometimes leaving you alone to get on with it. Taking photographs and videos as we went was also extremely helpful – there is so much to remember and it was a great way to record the steps for future reference.” -L C McMahon

” I found Moji’s textile printing workshop was the perfect introduction to various textile printing techniques in one day. The opportunity to experiment with different designs, colours and techniques was excellent. Moji is a great teacher: relaxed, friendly and very knowledgeable. I had a great time learning with Moji. Her studio is very well equipped with plenty of space for different tasks. Her pace of teaching was very good without being too rushed. I liked the fact that you learn in a hands-on way with a very great and inspiring teacher. The workshop was simply more than I had expected.” – C Winton

“Lovely and light home studio which was a comfortable space to work in and it also was very well equipped. 1-2-1 tuition is the best way to learn and definitely makes it worthwhile. Moji is an excellent and patient hands-on teacher. I liked the fact that Moji Covers the craft business side of things as well as passing on her invaluable expertise as a designer/maker. I felt that I’ve had a thorough grounding of all aspects of lampshade making and feel confident in trying out my own designs. Moji is great to work with and makes excellent homemade Lunches. Very enjoyable!” –A Butler

” Moji is so thorough and covers everything in detail with great patience. The pace and level of the workshop was perfect and she is so friendly and helpful giving a balance between demonstration and hands on experience. Her home studio is very organised and well equipped. It was very useful going through equipment and tools that was needed and finding out where to get it by Moji introducing important trade suppliers. With amazing lunches served the whole experience was more that I had expected and I really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal. Moji is highly recommended as she is so lovely, creative and inspirational. I am so pleased that I have found her and hope to be back soon for more workshops.” -A Conway

Wonderful hospitality and the course was enjoyable, flexible, informative and very comprehensive. Moji shares tips that you wouldn’t normally find in books or shared in group workshops.Moji’s style of teaching was very relaxed but comprehensive. The workshop exceeded my expectation and her studio was comfortable and very spacious. – C Paley

“I really enjoyed the workshop which was on a 1-2-1 basis. I feel I learnt so much during my time with Moji. Her studio was very light and spacious with everything to hand. The pace of the workshop was great and I liked that fact that the help and advice from Moji is still available once the course has ended.” -L Whiting
“Moji is as much a life coach as a teacher. Not only has she given me a fantastically detailed insight into the world of  screen printing and a solid base for me to continue forward, she has also helped me to understand my objectives so I am leaving the course with real excitement about my future work. Moji’s home studio is really spacious and well equipped. It was great to see examples of completed works and everything very conveniently laid out. The one to one tuition is a fantastic way to learn and ask questions as you go. Moji is very clear and talks through the procedures first and then again as you go along.” – Z Dans
” A lovely weekend spent with the lovely Moji in a very beautiful and bright home studio with great amount of equipment and tools available to use. Moji was very clear and informative about her instruction and the course definitely exceeded my every expectation. I am desperate to learn more and would definitely come back to do more courses with Moji.” -D Young
“Great two days spent with Moji. The course was casual yet very thorough with easy going lessons. The room where we stayed was excellent with the perfect lighting and space to work in. I am very eager to come back and do more classes. Moji and her studio inspired me to want to try something new.” -J Sinclair
I will definitely recommend Moji. What you learn will enable you to begin your own craft business or will inspire you to drive your current business forward. I found Moji so knowledgeable and I liked her way of teaching on a 1-2-1 basis in a very clean, bright and inspirational studio.” -N Miller
“Excellent 6 days spent learning new skills and consolidating my previous experience. Moji’s tailor made courses are highly recommended and she is very knowledgeable and accommodating to your needs as a student. Her studio was very well equipped and made me feel as ease. I enjoyed Moji’s teaching style which was easy to understand with detailed demo and enough time to do it yourself. -Ruth
“I had a  wonderful time with Moji and very pleased with the result. It’s great to see your own print designs come to life. Moji’s website looks so professional and inspiring. Her studio is light and airy with lots of inspiration around. It would have been ideal for me if her studio was closer to my home but that was my choice to do the workshop with Moji for a nice day away.” – J Nunn
” The two days I spent making my lampshades brought me a wealth of knowledge and developed a range of invaluable additional skills in order to take back home to design my own shades. I gained a great sense of the knowledge  Moji has acquired over many years and her confidence in sharing it with her pupils. I found her studio inspiring and very clean and organised. Moji’s style of teaching was assertive and diligent and she took her time to explain everything that you are required to know and ability to ask questions as you go.” –S Lawson
Moji is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease with her patience and good humour. She has an excellent teaching style and explains techniques and methods in an easy to understand manner. Her studio was bright and comfortable with all the equipment and tools you need. Her lunches were delicious and everything exceeded my expectation. – A Biddle
“I loved my experience of making traditional lampshades with Moji. The one to one instruction made learning both easy and comfortable. Moji has a great way of teaching and sharing her wealth of knowledge. It was a fun relaxing 2 days and I hope to come back for the rest of the lampshade courses she offers. Everything in her studio was great with plenty of space. The sunlight and coziness of the room made it a pleasure to work in.” – M Pawelczyk
“Moji is just lovely. She knew all the answers and was comprehensive in all teaching. Her studio couldn’t have been more welcoming and relaxed. Everything was at hand and it ensured smooth running. The lunches she served were just delicious and everything exceeded my expectations. I am coming back so I need not say more……”– C Hammick
“I found my experience with Moji thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I learnt a lot from a very skilled and patient teacher. I am very happy with Moji’s style of teaching which was relaxed and I appreciate the pace.” – S O’Dea
“I really enjoyed the course and I feel I have learnt a brilliant new skill to take away with me. I got lots of ideas and feel very inspired. Would love to come back and do the traditional class at some point in the near future. When I booked the workshop I wasn’t sure what to expect but really pleased with what I have learnt and can’t wait to put it all to use. Moji was very friendly and relaxed and I appreciate her way of teaching by taking her time explaining and showing the techniques in detail.” – k Ball
“A great relaxing environment and enjoyable learning experience. A huge amount of equipment and tools was available to use and it was great to use the equipment I didn’t even know even existed. The studio was very relaxing space to work in. Moji was very encouraging and had lot of useful trade tips and techniques  to try. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. During the workshop we covered a lot and I am excited to go away and continue with my own designs . – A Bundy
“The pace of the workshop was just perfect. I enjoyed my time with Moji greatly. She is very clear and thorough. I found her inspiring and knowledgeable.” -A Wells
“I found Moji’s teaching style and knowledge to be excellent. The 1-2-1 workshop was very helpful and I felt I finished the course with a new skill and knowledge. The length and depth of the course was perfect. I managed to learn not only a modern lampshade making technique but also two different traditional methods. The 1-2-1 tutoring, the expertise, knowledge and inspiration of Moji were all beneficial to my experience so a BIG thank you for her fabulous course!…..I totally enjoyed it and feel very motivated now to create with my new skill and knowledge….She is indeed inspiring and a great teacher, it was lovely to meet her” -M Gatewood