Students’ Gallery

Students’ Gallery

One day lampshade making workshop in Hove


It was so much fun having these ladies attending my origami fairy light workshop

at Vintage Rose tea room last week. Come and join our next workshop

Feb 26th 9.00-12.00 same place.

3 day complete lampshade making workshop including one day complete business start-up course at Moji Designs /Studio 2015
Magda from Texas, USA
3 Day  lampshade making and textile printing workshop
with Gyri from Geneva
Traditional Lampshade Making workshop
Catherine from Sussex 

Another stunning shade produced by the talented Catherine from Sussex, who attended our one day traditional lampshade making workshop earlier this week.

This is what Catherine said about Moji Designs:

“Really enjoyable course containing lots of helpful and practical tips. Moji’s high standards and knowledge of designs

and business came across to me as an inspiration to carry on making my own lampshades.

Thank you so much for teaching me a creative skill so professionally.”

Three tailored lampshades made by my very talented student Fola

Fola from London


Minaudiere clutch bag workshop

Traditional lampshade making workshop

-Emma from Norwich

Traditional lampshade making workshop

-Marielle From Netherland


6 day cushion making, upholstery and textile printing workshop

Suzi from Hove

Moji Designs studio in Hove East Sussex


 3 day textile printing and cushion making workshop


This is what Zoe said about us which made me feel very humble and also proud
being able to share my knowledge and expertise with so many people
hoping to achieve what I have achieved during past few years.

Moji is as much a life coach as a teacher. Not only has she given me a fantastically detailed insight into the world of screen printing and a solid base for me to
continue forward, she has also helped me understand my objectives so I am leaving this course with real excitement about my future work.”

Group Modern lampshade making workshop

-Judith and Michelle


Two day lampshade making workshop

-Janet from Bermuda and her sister Dot from England








Beginners upholstery workshop
 2 day textile printing workshop
This is what Julie said about us:
“I have just finished two days with Moji, fantastic course!
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never attended ‘one-to-one’
tuition before only the various mixed ability ‘adult education’ courses
which are spread over several weeks…. so I am delighted with what I
have achieved in such a short time.
Moji is so patient, very talented and very knowledgeable on questions
for technique and method through to helpful marketing and business plans
ideas. Lots of ‘food for thought’ ! ….very inspiring!!
I would highly recommend the one to one tuition with Moji….Worth every
penny! Thank you again Moji”
 Paper stencil screen printing
Lino printing on fabric
Drawing fluid and screen filler screen printing

 2 day traditional lampshade making workshop 


This is what Fiona said about the workshop:

” This was an excellent introduction to traditional lampshade making.
I learnt a solid foundation of principals to build on to develop more complicated designs
 and now I am definitely addicted to making them. Thank you for a very enjoyable workshop.”

 Beautiful Shade Fiona!… and did I tell you that on the second day of her course Fiona brought this little shade she had done night before just after doing the 1st day?… When she said she’s become addicted to lampshade making she really meant it… So clever!…

Traditional lampshade making workshop


Ruth’s last week with us here at Moji Studio

This is what Ruth said about us:

“Excellent 6 days spent learning new skills and consolidating my previous experience. Tailor made courses with Moji being very accommodating to your needs as a student. Her style of teaching is really good and easy to understand with detailed demo and enough time to do it yourself. The studio is very well equipped making you feel as ease. All courses were more than I had expected and definitely great value for money.”



 2 day cushion making workshop

Textile printing workshop
This is what Sam said about us:
“The course was more than what I had expected. Moji ‘s Style of teaching is brilliant and I totally understood what I was learning. I found everything friendly and welcoming.The instructions were very easy to understand and I left knowing that I would be able to do what I had learnt easily again. Photos of each step taken during the workshops are sent by Moji afterwards and that I found very helpful.Thank you for an amazing 2 days.”

Advanced lampshade making workshop

Advanced lampshade making workshop

-Sara from Ireland

This is what Sarah Said about us:

“I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I feel I learnt a lot from a very patient and skilled teacher. Thank you so much.”
 attending 2 day beginner’s upholstery workshop
-Rob from Brighton
This is what he said about us:
 “I would like to say that Moji is a fantastic teacher and the methods she uses are very helpful.
She makes you feel at ease which helps you with the quality of finish you want as to being nervous.
She has all the right ways about her training. I could not recommended moji enough Brilliant.”
-Rob Washer
Traditional Lampshade Making workshop
Here is what Sue said after completing the course:
” I wasn’t sure what to expect but the course was wonderful and Moji is a great teacher.
I am definitely coming back to do both modern and advanced lampshade making courses soon.”
I am delighted to say that Sue has already booked both courses and coming back 2nd week of September.
 Two Day Upholstery Workshop
-Charlotte from Ditchling
Here is one of my students Linda from Brighton learning how to make Curtains and Roman Blind.
This three day workshop is quite intensive but fun.
You will learn how to construct a pencil pleat curtain, two different headings and finally roman blind all using hand sewing technique.


 Advanced lampshade making workshop/ Paneling
Gemma- Sussex
 Advanced lampshade making workshop
 Minerva from USA
Two day traditional lampshade making workshop 
Gemma- Sussex
Traditional lampshade making workshop

One day lampshade making course



Modern lampshade making workshop

This is what Sally said about the course:

“Enjoyable day with excellent teaching method and
managed to cover all areas of the course.
 Great structure to the day’s programme. Thank you.”
Textile printing workshop
Here is what she said after her two days workshop:
” Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. I learnt so much from you and I’m
amazed how much you’vetaught me in such a short space of time.
But not only about the designs but also about all the setting up and practicalities too.
It really was so incredibly useful, your talent and honesty about the business is so
genuine and so difficult to find when starting out, so thank you. “
Here is one of my students Hanna printing 6 meters of fabric with her design on 100% linen for h
er degree show at our studio. Hanna decided to use stencil based screen printing technique with a great result. 

Textile printing workshop


Upholstery workshop
This is what Fay said about us:
“I did the weekend beginners guide to upholstery weekend with Moji as it is a hobby I’ve been wanting to cultivate for a long time. The 1:1 tuition format worked brilliantly as it allows you to be completely focused and not feel rushed, just totally immersed in the learning and doing. Doing 2 different styles of seat was great, stage by stage I learnt so much and had a fantastic feeling of satisfaction having used my hands to make something. Especially as its sustainable, making something new out of something old. Moji is fab. Not only is she obviously an experienced and knowledgable professional, but also warm and patient, thorough yet relaxed. A marvellous combination! I would absolutely recommend Moji and this course to anyone. “

Complete 5 day lampshade making workshop-  South Africa.

Here is what she said about us:

“The workshop was very comprehensive, flexible, informative and enjoyable. Excellent value as one-to-one tuition was
just what I was looking for with easy and clear instruction which you don’t usually find in books.
The studio was very spacious and comfortable.Wonderful hospitality with delicious food served every day “


Advanced lampshade making workshop.


Modern lampshade making workshop



Beginner’s upholstery workshop


Before and after….

This is what Robin said about us:

“Just like to say that I enjoyed this course thoroughly
and would recommend it to anyone. Moji is a brilliant teacher. A big thank you!”


 Advanced lampshade making


 Modern lampshade making workshop


Traditional lampshade making workshop



Press Coverage

We are so delighted to announce that since our 2012 press release Moji Designs has had some brilliant press coverage of its products and workshops in various great magazines. Here are few of the them where we  have been featured…..
2 issues of Exeter living 2011 & 2012
 More featured in 25 Beautiful Homes and Ideal Homes magazines soon.

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