Welcome to the Lampshade Making Academy, the best place to learn and create!
We’re a friendly, close-knit team and we love working together to bring creative courses to you.



Moji is the founder of the Lampshade Making Academy and is the lead tutor on all courses. Since 2008 she has run countless courses and welcomed students from all over the world. She’s a lover of all things creative and enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter Tiana. 

Hannah Studio Manager


Studio Manager

Hannah is our Studio Manager. Working behind the scenes, she keeps the studio and courses running smoothly. An artist who lives on a boat with her six-year-old, Hannah loves being involved with the artistic side of the Lampshade Making Academy. 

Yvonne Marketing


Marketing & Social Media

Yvonne is the newest member of our team. She heads up Marketing and Social Media. She lives in Germany with her boyfriend Nima and is crazy about their cat Sherlock. She loves makeup and everything beauty- related.

Susan Office Admin


Studio Assistant

Susan is a local artist and poet. Working behind the scenes, she helps us with the making of our lampshades and our screen printing projects. Her good energy and smile brightens our day and keeps us motivated to do our job the best way we can.

Nima IT Support


Web developer & IT Support

Nima is our Web Developer and IT Support. A whizz at all things technical, he keeps the online side of the Lampshade Making Academy afloat. We love him for his sense of humour, laughter and funny jokes.

Hosse Printmaker


Master Printmaker

Masoud is our lovely printmaker with over 30 years experience in fine art and printmaking. He’s been a great asset to our small scale artisan fabric production since 2008. His positive energy and laughter is contagious.

Nick Photography



Nick is a self-taught photographer with a passion for being out on the beach shooting during sunsets and sunrises. He spends time in sunny Brighton having fun with his partner, kids and 2 adorable Shih Tzus.

Luciana creative accounting


Studio Mascot

Luciana is our adorable mascot and has recently been promoted to a senior nap time coordinator. She lives with her mum Moji and loves lying on her back with her legs perched up in the air. She is super cute, snuggly and irresistible to have around.

Sherlock Mascot


Virtual Mascot

Sherlock is our virtual mascot living in Germany with his mum and dad Nima and Yvonne. His cute little face,  sweet pink nose and fun personality are why we decided to welcome him to our team although he is usually found sleeping on the job.