Covid-19 National Day of Reflection

Covid-19 National Day of Reflection

Today marks one year since the UK went into a National Lockdown. Many of us still remember where we were when we heard the news. We clustered around phones with loved ones or watched on television as the Prime Minister announced our new normal. At the time, there had been 335 deaths. A year later, there have now been nearly 150,000. 

On this national day of Covid-19 reflection in the UK, I want to add my voice to many others offering condolences for those who have experienced an extremely difficult year. For the bereaved, the isolated, the sick, and many others. This day allows us to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have died and look forward to a better future. We have reason to hope, as the pandemic is slowly challenged – through social measures and our incredible new vaccination program. 

Though many of us are still grieving, even in the face of this challenging year there have been moments of hope. We have seen communities come together, people stepping up to help their neighbours, and discovered new ways to connect and build relationships. An army officer in World War Two, Captain Sir Tom Moore pledged to walk 100 lengths of his garden managing to raise £33m for the NHS. This spirit of resilience is something that Britain, as a nation, has always been deeply proud of, and it has been an honour to see it in action. 

Today gives us the chance to reflect on what we’ve lost but also encourages us to be grateful for what we do have. Many of us now look at life a little differently, valuing our health and our relationships more than ever before. I know that I hold my family a little closer and am grateful every day for the life I am able to lead. 

At Moji Designs, we are a group of artists and creative people. Art has always been made for looking at the difficult parts of life and using them to create something beautiful. If we can provide, in some small way, an opportunity for someone else to experience that transformative power of creativity, then we will have achieved something. 

Though as a nation we mourn together, and though we are still going through difficult times, like many, I am holding onto the knowledge that the sun will rise again. We are looking forward to a time when we can hold loved ones again, begin new ventures, and rediscover the world beyond our walls. On this national day of reflection, we grieve for what we have lost but hold onto our faith in a better future.