Beginner’s upholstery workshop at Moji Studio

Beginner’s upholstery workshop at Moji Studio

Fay attending the 2 day beginner’s upholstery workshop 
This is what she said about us:
“I did the weekend beginners guide to upholstery weekend with Moji as it is a hobby I’ve been wanting to cultivate for a long time. The 1:1 tuition format worked brilliantly as it allows you to be completely focused and not feel rushed, just totally immersed in the learning and doing. Doing 2 different styles of seat was great, stage by stage I learnt so much and had a fantastic feeling of satisfaction having used my hands to make something. Especially as its sustainable, making something new out of something old. Moji is fab. Not only is she obviously an experienced and knowledgable professional, but also warm and patient, thorough yet relaxed. A marvellous combination! 
I would absolutely recommend Moji and this course to anyone. “

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