Welcome to Moji Designs! I’m absolutely delighted to have you here. I’m Moji Salehi, the founder of this creative venture. Since 2008, I’ve been committed to sharing my expertise in professional lampshade making and textile printing. My mission is to open doors for individuals worldwide, offering them the opportunity to acquire new skills, launch businesses, and explore exciting earning avenues.

With a background in interior design, soft furnishings, and textile printing, I hold a City and Guilds upholstery certification. Besides Moji Designs, I also run Moji Interiors, where I weave magic into creating serene and beautiful homes for my clients.

Nestled in the heart of vibrant Brighton, you’ll find my cosy Coach House Studio—a hub of creativity and learning. Here, I offer personalised one-to-one lampshade-making and textile printing courses. My goal is to equip you with the skills and techniques that transform you into a confident creator. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, my hands-on training will empower you from your very first stitch to crafting your unique hand-printed lampshade collection.

But it doesn’t stop at crafting. I believe that understanding how to price, market, and manage a craft business is paramount. I offer you insights into these crucial aspects, ensuring you’re prepared for the journey ahead. My focus is on making those initial steps in your creative career feel supported and guided.

As your teacher, my aim is to provide you with the skills and tools to tap into your own well of inspiration. Consider this journey a stepping stone—a point of initiation into the world of craft. From here, you’ll have the foundation to explore and experiment at your own pace, shaping your signature style and imprint on these traditional crafts.

At the core of Moji Designs is a passion for reviving time-honored crafts. It’s about breathing new life into old traditions and sharing these skills with enthusiasts like you. I am genuinely thrilled to welcome you to my studio, to share my knowledge, experiences, and insights, and to help you attain your aspirations.

So, let’s embark on this creative journey together. Let me be your guide as you discover the magic of lampshade making, textile printing, and the world of craft business.

My journey...

The arts have been my lifelong passion, a flame that was kindled during my early years in Iran, formerly known as Persia. In those formative years, creativity was a way of life. Every child, including myself, embarked on a journey of artistic exploration from a tender age, attending clubs and classes to master various techniques. This immersion in creativity has shaped who I am today and set the foundation for Moji Designs.

I vividly recall the bustling city bazaars, a tapestry of art, food, and culture. These vibrant markets were a sensory feast, and a significant part of the experience was interacting with local artisans, observing their intricate handicrafts. These memories are etched in my heart, as they ignited the spark that fuels my love for art, craft, and design.

Growing up, I was surrounded by rich cultural heritage, where traditional crafts seamlessly merged with contemporary artistry. Whether it was colourful fabrics, intricate rugs, marquetry, mosaics, or captivating jewelry, the myriad of expressions of artistry left an indelible mark on me. This environment instilled a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and ignited my creative flame.

Living in Iran, immersed in its rich and ancient culture, the arts became an intrinsic part of my being. Even if one wasn’t naturally inclined toward art, the cultural community around me ensured exposure to various forms of creative expression. The collective creativity that spanned generations naturally steered me toward this path. My hands found solace in crafting, and I discovered a sense of tranquility and transformation in creating.

Yet, as I navigated the transition to Europe with my family during my teenage years, the blend of cultures brought challenges. Pursuing a career in the arts, amidst the academic emphasis that prevailed, posed a dilemma. While my heart yearned for creative pursuits, the well-trodden path seemed elusive in this new landscape. Striving to strike a balance, I pursued various avenues, from computing to nursing and midwifery. But a persistent feeling nudged me—I was veering away from my true calling.

The turning point arrived when I decided to follow my heart. It wasn’t an easy decision to reboot my journey in my late twenties, but it was a pivotal one. Immersed in the world of screen printing through my then partner’s business, I found my way back to my creative roots. The universe led me through a labyrinth of interior design, upholstery, soft furnishings, and lampshade making. In 2008, Moji Designs was born, a culmination of my passions and experiences.

As I honed my skills and business acumen, I discovered my greatest passion: teaching. Guiding aspiring creators through their own artistic journeys became my purpose. Watching them chase their dreams and flourish fills me with immense joy and satisfaction.

To me, lampshade making and printmaking symbolise more than artistic endeavors. They are a testament to the essence of home and craftsmanship. Whether it’s selecting colours, fabrics, or textures, each choice contributes to creating a harmonious space that resonates with personality and style. Lampshades, in particular, transcend functionality—they are statements that infuse spaces with character and charm.

My diverse interests harmonize beautifully, each complementing the other. As an interior designer, I weave elements together to craft balanced, reflective spaces. Lampshades and cushions, the finishing touches, transform spaces into sanctuaries. Yet, amidst this, my greatest fulfillment comes from sharing my knowledge. My own journey, enriched with varied skills, serves as a toolkit for aspiring creators.

My journey has been an intricate tapestry, woven through different cultures, professions, and passions. Yet, at its core, is an unwavering commitment to the arts and crafts that have shaped my existence. I’m proud of the business I’ve cultivated and the students I’ve had the privilege to mentor. Together, we’re forging paths, igniting dreams, and crafting futures.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay inspired, stay creative!


Moji xx