Moji Salehi, Founder of MojiDesigns lampshade making academyWelcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am Moji, founder of Moji Designs where I offer professional lampshade making workshops and business start-up training since 2008. I hold a background in interior design, upholstery and textile printing. At Lampshade Making Academy my goal is to encourage makers across all craft disciplines to turn their creativity into a successful craft business. Alongside my lampshade making business, I run my interior design company, Moji Interiors, and my jewellery brand Mojiana where I design and make an exciting range of jewellery.
My lampshade making workshops will equip you with professional lampshade making techniques and all the tips and tricks of the industry . The business start-up workshops will provide invaluable advice and information, so you can create and run a successful craft business.
Setting up a craft business can be challenging, and being equipped with the right advice, information and knowledge of the industry is the first step. Passion and perseverance have been essential to my success, and I use my own experience of running successful businesses to teach those skills to others. If you have specific questions, I am always available to help out. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or send me an email.
– Moji Salehi

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