2 Day Lampshade Making Course

With Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Lampshade Making Business​

Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Vintage Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton

This one-to-one, two-day lampshade making workshop is the perfect introduction to the art of both traditional and modern lampshade making. Whether you want to learn the craft as a hobby or plan to launch your own lampshade-making business, you’ll find plenty of techniques to master during this immersive experience.

In this workshop, you can choose to spend the two days learning either traditional or modern lampshade making.

If you opt for traditional lampshade making, you’ll create a hand-stitched lampshade in a style of your choice, such as pleated, gathered, tailored, box-pleated, or vintage. You’ll learn the intricacies of hand-sewing and the detailed craftsmanship involved in traditional lampshade making.

Alternatively, if you choose to focus on modern lampshade making, you’ll learn everything about contemporary techniques and create three to four hardback lampshades, including the popular scalloped edge lampshade. This option will cover the materials and methods specific to modern lampshade design.

Additionally, this in-depth workshop will provide insights into turning your new skills into a business. You’ll gain an understanding of the fundamentals of running a lampshade making business, including creating a lampshade collection, pricing strategies, selling wholesale and to retailers, finding your ideal clients, marketing techniques, and the importance of branding.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only have a collection of beautifully crafted lampshades but also a comprehensive understanding of how to transform your passion into a thriving business.

Join me for an enriching and creative journey into the world of lampshade making!

Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Scalloped hardback lampshade workshop with Moji Designs
Ruffle tiffany lampshade workshop with Moji Designs
Vintage Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton

Advantage of our one-to-one workshops

Acquiring a new skill can be daunting, but one-to-one tuition can change that. The advantages of our one-to-one tuition is that they can be tailored to your exact level and needs. You will get the opportunity to learn a new craft whilst at ease and at your own pace. We will support you to turn your skills into a business by providing plenty of business advice and trade tips. Your developing skills are improved throughout the course without the pressure of keeping up with a group. Above all, you can enjoy some quality time away from the pressures of everyday life. Embrace the experience and treat yourself to the gift of lifelong learning.

Booking Information

Welcome to an enriching experience that combines skill-building and creativity in the world of lampshade making. My comprehensive one-to-one tuition course is meticulously designed to provide you with an immersive learning adventure.

Course Fee: One-to-One Tuition £695

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm.

Inclusions: Enroll in my lampshade course with complete peace of mind, as it includes

  • All necessary tools and materials
  • A comprehensive step-by-step manual
  • Comprehensive guide to launching your lampshade making business
  • Delicious lunch and refreshments

Please note that my courses are thoughtfully curated, using a carefully selected range of lampshade frames and sizes from my UK suppliers.

Skill Level: Perfect for beginners, my course structure accommodates varying skill levels. While the outlined course elements remain consistent, please note that adjustments might occur based on your hand-sewing ability and prior experience. An interactive discussion after the first day will ensure the course is tailored to your progress, maximizing your learning outcomes without sacrificing technique mastery.

Flexibility at Its Best: My one-to-one course dates are designed to fit your schedule. You have the freedom to choose the days that suit you best. Whether you prefer two consecutive days or two sessions spread out over time, I work with you to ensure the workshops align seamlessly with your lifestyle and commitments.

Booking Your Course: To begin your lampshade-making journey, simply reach out via email to express your interest in the course. I’ll schedule a telephone call to discuss date availability and address any queries you might have. Once the dates are verbally confirmed, you’ll receive an email holding the reservation for three days. To secure your booking, full payment is required within three days, or you can opt for our two-instalment option to ease any financial concerns. Payments can be made via major debit/credit cards, Bacs, or PayPal in pounds, with any international transaction fees being the responsibility of the student. Please note that bookings operate on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited spaces. Secure your spot early to avoid disappointment and embark on your lampshade-making journey with confidence.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: In the rare event of course cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ll notify you as early as possible. I’ll offer an alternative date for transfer. If I cancel within 10 days of the course start, a full refund is provided. Unfortunately I’m not able to accept any liability for travel or accommodation costs.

For cancellations by students, a full refund is offered if requested in writing up to 28 days prior to the course. Within 28 days, I provide transfer options up to 10 days before the course starts. In exceptional cases like bereavement or flight cancellations, please provide proof, and I’ll explore alternate dates where possible.

Payment Method: Click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of this page to secure your booking. Payment is facilitated through PayPal or major debit/credit cards. Upon payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Location: Brighton, East Sussex Immerse yourself in the artistic heartbeat of Brighton, nestled in the enchanting landscape of East Sussex. This dynamic and vibrant city provides the perfect backdrop for your creative journey.

Post Course Business Support After successfully completing the course, if you believe that additional guidance in launching or growing your business would be valuable, I also provide online business consultation sessions. For further details, please refer to the information provided here

Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Vintage Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Lampshade making courses with Moji Designs in Brighton
Moji Designs workshops
Indulge in my lampshade workshops with the added delight of included lunch and refreshments.​